In The Boardroom With...

Mr. Matt Barnette
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
AMAG Technology, Inc.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today, Matt. Congratulations on your recent promotion to Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and to your appointment to the AMAG Board of Directors. Before drilling down into AMAG solutions, please give us an overview of your background.

Matt Barnette: I began my career working for a regional system integrator in the San Francisco Bay area. I was an economics major and a tech geek with a strong desire to become educated on computers and networking. As a system administrator, I learned the foundation of what has been very beneficial in my career; an in-depth knowledge of IT systems. I started with AMAG in 2004 and in 2007 I became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing where I oversaw a team of U.S.-based regional sales managers, field sales engineers and the marketing department. Over the last few years, we have expanded AMAG's sales, marketing and Government systems group significantly. In my new role, I will be directing Sales & Marketing activities globally.

SecurityStockWatch.com: One will read on www.AMAG.com "The AMAG Technology range of Access Control and Security Management systems provides powerful integrated solutions for organizations requiring automated electronic security. Please give us an overview of the security solutions AMAG brings to market."

Matt Barnette: AMAG's product line is designed to have a broad market appeal. When we break it down, we are really trying to address three key areas of the market; access control, IP video and intrusion detection. Yet, we are providing this with one deeply integrated security management platform. The heart of our portfolio is Symmetry, our software and hardware solution. This is a scalable architecture and is broken out for marketing reasons to be cost-effective for smaller systems, as well as, enterprise deployments. In addition, we have a government option, Symmetry Homeland, which provides compliance for users who need to comply with FIPS 201, M-11-11 and HSPD-12. The key points with Symmetry are that it is one platform, expandable and is extremely feature rich.

SecurityStockWatch.com: You state that the heart of the AMAG solution is the Symmetry Security Management System and that V7 was recently introduced. Care to elaborate?

Matt Barnette: Symmetry V7 is one of the most significant product launches in AMAG's history and is a natural progression of our platform. First, as with all our products, Symmetry V7 is completely backward compatible. Unlike other products on the market, we want to provide our customers with an upgrade path that minimizes cost and maximizes their investment. In addition to being Microsoft .NET based, we've added significant new features, especially Symmetry Intrusion Management to our product line. When used with our new Javelin series card reader, assigned users can arm and disarm areas and get feedback on the reader. This gives our end-users an easy to use, fully integrated solution for managing their security.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Are there any other "new" products, services or solutions you would like to discuss?

Matt Barnette: I am glad you asked! On the product side, we are really excited about releasing our new Symmetry Visualizer Encoders. Our new encoders integrate with our Symmetry Video Management software, and deliver a seamless solution for customers who use analog or IP cameras. The H.264 compression provides optimum file reduction of up to 80 percent. Again, we want to always provide a platform that allows for open connectivity to other products, but we also want to provide our own industry-leading solutions. Symmetry Video is a great Video Management System in its own right and its capabilities are extended when used in conjunction with our Visualizer encoders.

On the services side, we have launched several new Professional Services initiatives over the last year. Symmetry Lifecycle Management is a service that puts our own factory engineers in close coordinated contact with our resellers and end-users. In short, our ProServices team is contracted to help our customers really utilize the Symmetry platform to its fullest. AMAG is reacting to our customer's needs and what they want is confidence in their SMS. With our help, we can guarantee a higher overall customer experience.

SecurityStockWatch.com: A 40 year track record, with over 30,000 systems installed, in over 110 countries! That is truly quite impressive! Are there any particular "wins" or success stories you would like to discuss?

Matt Barnette: Over the years AMAG has built up an impressive and long list of clients of all sizes. We are proud to say we secure several high profile government facilities and corporate historic landmarks. Some we can talk about, while others we can't. All I can say is recently we were awarded the tallest building in New York and a very impressive facility in DC. The ones we can discuss openly include the Hoover Dam, US Marine Corp, Army and the Navy. We also secure several of our nation's most prominent Ports including the Port of Houston, Port of Corpus Christi, Port of Portland and Port of Tacoma. Commercial clients range from small office buildings to large, multi-national companies. The airport market, especially the secondary airports around North America, have had great success with Symmetry. And the utility market, mostly driven by compliance issues like NERC, have been an area of expansive growth. AMAG's Symmetry Homeland SMS meets government complaint requirements and mandates, making it an easy choice for local, state and federal entities. The City of Denver is currently building a brand new judicial center downtown and they've chosen Symmetry. You can read about it and several other Case Studies here:

Ralph Carr Colorado Judicial Center: www.amag.com/news/ralphcarr.aspx
Port of Tacoma: www.amag.com/news/portoftacoma.aspx
Port of Houston: www.amag.com/uploads/Amag/Case%20Studies/AMAG_PortHouston_NOV10.pdf
Hoover Dam: www.amag.com/uploads/Amag/Case%20Studies/AMAG_HooverDam_June10.pdf

You will find Symmetry in colleges, healthcare facilities, and commercial high rise buildings, as well as in banks, utility companies and airports. You can read more about these types of applications here: www.amag.com/library/case-studies.aspx

SecurityStockWatch.com: What are your target markets and what is your perspective on the market drivers for AMAG in these challenging economic times?

Matt Barnette: As mentioned in the previous question, we target several markets including education, healthcare, utilities, transportation and commercial high rises, among others. New construction has been almost non-existent the last few years, but we have seen a lot of tenant improvement work that is driving sales. Customers who are in regulated markets have no choice but to implement security, so we are helping those customers with a solution that fits their needs. NERC, HIPAA and CFATS being just a few regulations that are market drivers. AMAG has had a long track record of success in the government market and we are continuing to focus on this sector. We've made great strides to provide a solution that not only meets the complexity of the compliancy issues this market faces, but to do it with lower cost and innovation knowing that these customers have existing legacy systems that need to be migrated. Suffice it to say, we are aggressively pursuing the government market and to support that initiative, we opened an office in Arlington, Virginia this past year and employ a Government solutions group whose sole objective is to work this segment. We feel the government will continue to grow due to the mandates that have been published such as FIPS 201, HSPD-12 and TWIC, and the fact that a lot of the installed base is not being properly supported.

SecurityStockWatch.com: What resources and support are available for end-users and the trade at www.AMAG.com ?

Matt Barnette: In addition to receiving up to date product information, our customers can register for training, get the latest case studies and brochures and get detailed technical information on how Symmetry works in their vertical market. Data sheets are available for the more technical customers while brochures provide a high level overview of how an AMAG system can work for them. We also have a Partner website with all of our technical documentation and much more. This is available to our reseller channel, security consultants and engineers, and our end-users who wish to have access to up-to-date information.

Case studies offer a detailed look at how similar companies utilize Symmetry to protect their people, assets and facilities. By learning how other companies take advantage of the powerful features of Symmetry, new customers can realize how to apply the features to their own needs to better secure their own buildings and beyond.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Our Company is a sponsor of ASIS and ISC and we know that these are important trade events for AMAG. Can we have a brief preview as to what we can expect to see from AMAG at this year's upcoming ASIS and ISC? Please also tell us about your own Security Engineering Symposium in March.

Matt Barnette: At ISC, we will be featuring our new Symmetry V7 with intrusion management integrated with several of our elite technology partners to demonstrate a complete security management system. We are proud to partner with Stenofon, Innometriks, NEC, HID, Intransa and Hawkeye Technologies to provide our customers with a solution that will meet all their needs.

We'll be launching our Visualizer Encoders and introducing a new mobile application that allows users to manage their system using any mobile device. While I can't disclose many details right now, I invite people to stop by our ISC West booth #16087 and check it out.

Our Security Engineering Symposium is in its 11th year and is the biggest ever. Approximately 100 consulting engineers converge, along with several of our elite technology partners, to discuss the state of the industry, product development, and the challenges we all face. We have large and small group discussions with our sponsors and provide a platform for the engineers to be heard. It's a great networking opportunity and a chance to learn and grow professionally.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Thanks again for joining us today, Matt. Are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Matt Barnette: AMAG Technology delivers access control, IP video and intrusion detection solutions to a wide spectrum of markets: government, commercial, education, transportation, healthcare, utilities and banking, are just a small slice. What really differentiates AMAG in the marketplace is our dedication to Exceptional Customer Service. I hope that companies reading this will give us a chance to prove ourselves. Thank you for allowing me to share our latest news.