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TEC 2014 Wrap Up With Bill Bozeman

Now that TEC 2014 is behind us, what are some of the highlights from the event that you feel produced the most excitement?

The conversation around cybersecurity and its implications for integrators and manufacturers alike was a lead off topic in a featured session, “Emerging Technology, New Deals and Directions.”  Cyber expert Darnell Washington of SecureXperts warned integrators to adopt proper “cyber hygiene” protocols.  Further education in the discipline and practices of Information Security is no longer optional, it is critical to their survival in the evidence of continuing merging of logical and physical security, lest they be relegated to a limited path supporting legacy technology.

You had a few new programs that made their debut during TEC 2014, can you tell us a little more about them?

Yes, PSA’s new Technical, Sales & Marketing, and Project Management Committees hosted the Best Practices Round Tables this year.  Representative of the entrepreneurial spirit among PSA integrators, the round tables capitalized on the divergent approaches, strategic thinking, and experiences that drive success. These communities of practice and information exchanges highlight our unique fellowship, enhancing professional and organizational development and operational efficiencies.  Based on feedback, the round tables have promise to return to a full house again for TEC 2015.  

Most notably, the PSA National Deployment Program (NDP) debuted at TEC with such strong interest, it was standing room only. This new program develops partnerships among PSA integrators on large-scale national deployments by extending their installation, service, and fulfillment capabilities to areas typically outside their reach. PSA integrators can now compete on large projects with a level of quality that can only be provided through local oversight and management. Our integrators were already working together, supporting one another on projects. The PSA NDP takes these partnerships to the next level, growing their business and growing the network. The opportunities started rolling in even before the official announcement at TEC.  The demand is there and PSA NDP integrators are meeting that need head on.

Continuing education is always a big topic at TEC, what other programs are you currently offering to continue growing throughout the year?

Cyber security is front of mind for us, with the current threat levels where they are and continuing to escalate, its critical to concentrate on hardening our own operations as well as understanding the integrator’s, end-user’s and manufacturers roles in this effort.

What was new for TEC 2014 that you haven’t done before?

Front loading the week with Advanced Educational Sessions for Senior Leaders and Owners helped us to draw that most important audience to TEC, not only as a favored networking space but as a professional development opportunity as well.  We’ve also introduced a new spin on the customary State of the Industry and Financial Metrics sessions.  The State of the Industry dialogue offers a challenging perspective from forward-looking minds in finance and standards organizations to include some of our most prominent and quickly evolving integrators in our space.  Financial metrics took a turn to the practical this year, to encourage hands on application of metrics and business measures.   Another new addition, from the Security Executive Council, presented an opportunity for integrators to build brand value contributions to their security projects with an ROI methodology that leads to creating strong bonds in addition to financial results.  And we ramped up the technology conversation with a frank discussion of what we face and what to do in view of Cybersecurity and Emerging Technology in the marketplace.  Finally NY Times best-selling author Mark Murphy leads two sessions to deliver “Hard Goals: The Science of Extraordinary Achievement” and “Managing Up!” to reach all levels of leaders. 

Updated February 10, 2014

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  You have an event coming up soon correct?  What is TEC and why should the security industry attend in 2014?

Bill Bozeman: Yes, the TEC event will be May 5-9 in Colorado.  TEC stands for TrainingExhibits and Conference. For this yearly event, which is open to the entire security industry, we took all the best parts of your typical security event and brought them together under one roof, and for one low price.  At TEC you will get the training and education you need for your entire company with hundreds of hours of courses to choose from.  We also offer physical security certifications, where you will get the opportunity to learn from the leading minds in the industry, and explore new and innovative ideas with your peers. 

The full day exhibit hall is where attendees can see the latest products and service offerings from over 100 of the security industry's top manufacturers. Explore state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge business solutions that will prepare your company for success. And finally, the Conference portion of TEC. This is where you will become a part of the industry's best networking opportunities by engaging with your peers and technology leaders in a fast-paced, lively environment. 


SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  What is the biggest different between TEC and other shows of a similar nature?


Bill Bozeman: There are so many reasons TEC is different and the value is obvious! We have the lowest registration prices in the security industry and our show floor hours are not in competition with our educational sessions, of which we have FIVE full days of. In addition, breakfast, lunch and snack breaks are provided daily, as well as unique nightly networking events, including a sports themed welcome reception, hospitality suites, a bowling tournament, and our signature event, Jam Session. We also offer our PSA Owner companies free attendance to TEC via our PSA Training Bucks program. With learning paths for your entire company, from senior leaders and project managers to sales and technicians, the value really is obvious.


SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  You mentioned training for your entire staff. Can you tell me more about what courses you will offer in 2014?


Bill Bozeman: This year we have 4 learning paths, including Business Management, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Operations Professionals and Technical Professionals. These course paths will cover every member of your company, including; senior leaders, department heads, project managers, install and service managers, technicians, sales staff, marketing team and anybody else on your staff. You can build your schedule around these learning paths or pick and choose the courses that are right for you. The options are plentiful.

New for 2014 we are pleased to announce that we will be offering an end-user customer track. This gives integrators the opportunity to bring their customers to TEC to foster their relationship and engage them in the newest trends, products and options available for their upcoming projects, giving them piece of mind in their security choices. While at TEC, end user customers will be able to attend four classes tailored to the specific needs of an end user. They will also be able to see all of the newest products on the market and talk to their manufacturers at the Wednesday Exhibit Hall. Also included is access to the vendor awards luncheon as well as all of the evening events, all for one low registration fee.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Where can we find more information about TEC 2014?

Bill Bozeman: Course guides are now available. Visit www.psaTEC.com for more information about the courses offerings or to request a course guide be sent to you. Registration begins in February and early bird ends on March 16.  I encourage readers to proTECt their future and register for TEC today! You won’t be disappointed

Intelligent Access Systems – Premier Profile with Ron Oetjen

Bill Bozeman recently sat down with Ron Oetjen, President of Intelligent Access Systems, to gain some knowledge about his company as well as what they can offer their customers.

Bill Bozeman: Please tell us a little about Intelligent Access Systems.

Ron Oetjen: Intelligent Access Systems started in 2004 so we’re a fairly young company, and we joined PSA in 2008. We’re headquartered in Raleigh North Carolina, and focused primarily on three vertical markets which are Critical Infrastructure, Healthcare and Higher Education.

Bill Bozeman: How large a territory is Intelligent Access Systems able to cover?

Ron Oetjen: We have 8 offices on the east coast. We’re focused on being able to provide prompt service to customers in the mid-Atlantic and south east regions of the US. Our physical offices include; Canton Ohio, Pittsburg Pennsylvania, Richmond Virginia, Raleigh North Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa, Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale Florida. We think we’re currently positioned pretty well to support customers in these regions, but our five year plan does call for some additional offices and some geographical territory expansion.

Bill Bozeman: Are those all physical building locations?

Ron Oetjen: They sure are. We have physical offices in each of those cities. We also have some remote technicians to cover some of the areas where you get a little far from our primary office.

Bill Bozeman: Can you share some of your top-tier clients with us?

We are heavily focused on a few vertical markets so the names may sound very similar. We’re the electronic security partner for companies like Dominion Power, Duke energy, Liberty University, University of Pittsburg and Piedmont Healthcare, just to name a few.


security stock solutions

Bill Bozeman: Welcome to the PSA Board of Directors. What compelled you to run for the Southern Regional Director positions on PSA’s Board of Directors?

I really enjoy the relationships that I have in PSA and the value that PSA brings to our organization. The opportunity to represent the southern region was very appetizing to me and when the position came up I thought that I could help so I ran for the position.

Bill Bozeman: What one thing do you want everyone to know about Intelligent Access Systems?

Our vision is to become the strongest and most reputable independent security integrator in the corridor between Atlanta and Washington DC. We’re working hard every day to fulfill that vision. We’re a dynamic company and a growing company.

Bill Bozeman: If you are interested in more information about Intelligent Access Systems please visit their website at: www.iasnc.com.

SecurityStockWatch.com: What, Who & Why TEC? SecurityStockWatch.com recently sat down with Bill Bozeman, PSA Security Network’s President and CEO, to discuss some common misconceptions about their signature event PSA-TEC

SecurityStockWatch.com: What does the TEC in PSA-TEC stand for?

Bill Bozeman: TEC stands for Training, Exhibits and Conference. PSA-TEC has all of the education you need for your entire company, all in one place. It is where you can get physical security certifications, learn from the leading minds in the industry, and explore ideas from your peers.  In addition we have an exciting, full day of product and service offerings on May 8th from the security industry's top manufacturers. Explore state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge business solutions, preparing your company for success. We also offer the industry's best networking opportunities where you can engage with your peers and technology leaders in a fast-paced, energetic environment.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Who should attend PSA-TEC?

Bill Bozeman: PSA-TEC is an event open to the whole security industry.  You DO NOT need to in the PSA family to take advantage of this event. TEC offers training for everyone from techs to execs! Whether you come for just the exhibit day or stay for the entire 5 days of training and networking, PSA-TEC is a can’t miss for anybody in our industry.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Why should somebody attend TEC?

Bill Bozeman: The value is obvious. The standard cost of PSA-TEC is $549 and includes five full days of education to choose from, that’s over 400 hours, and most courses are included at no additional cost. In addition you get entrance to the May 8th exhibit hall and all evening networking events. These events range from a bowling tournament and night at a comedy improve theatre, to our signature event, Jam Session, where those in our industry gather to show us their musical talent. In addition to all of that, you will also get a full breakfast and lunch every day in addition to snack breaks every day. Where else can you get all of that for this low of a price?

We constantly strive to make this annual event fresh and new every year. In that we’ve added new courses to each track that will prove to be educational, timely and informative.  Join us May 6-10 in beautiful Westminster, Colorado and experience PSA-TEC for yourself!
Visit www.psaTEC.com for additional information and to Register Today!

Securitronics - Premier Profile with Terry Rivet

Bill Bozeman recently sat down with Terry Rivet, Owner of Securitronics to gain some knowledge about his company as well as what they can offer their customers.

Bill Bozeman: Please tell us a little about Securitronics; how long has the company been in existence and how long have you been president?

Terry Rivet: Securitronics was created in 1972 in Syracuse New York by Will Roy who introduced the company to PSA in the early 70s. We may not have been one of the original founding members, but we were a very early adopter of PSA. My business partner Jeff and I bought the company from Will when he retired about 18 years ago and about 14 months ago I purchased the business from Jeff, who is also retired.

Bill Bozeman: Securitronics is over 40 years old. To what do you attribute the success and maturity of the company?

Terry Rivet: We attribute our success to our people. We have a very low turnover rate. We also build relationships with our customers; some have been with us for 20, 30 or more years. We have long, established relationships. People rely on us, they know that if we can do the work we're going to and if we can't we'll point them in the right direction.

Bill Bozeman: How does PSA benefit you as a problem solver in the security niche?

Terry Rivet: The best thing they do for us is give us access to more than just one solution as a product line. We've been able to sit down and decide for customers that just because we have access to a specific brand of camera, it doesn't necessarily mean that that's the camera that we should be providing. PSA provides us with the relationships and training that we need to make sure our customers are taken care of as they grow and expand.

Bill Bozeman: What one thing would you like to tell a potential client about Securitronics?

Terry Rivet: The one most important thing is that you will enjoy working with our people. They understand and take pride in the fact that we're going to take care of the security industry in that facility and they are proud of it.

Bill Bozeman: If you are interested in more information about Securitronics please visit their website at: www.Securitronics.com.

Pro-Tec - Premier Profile with Tom Hagen and Tim Ferrian

security stock solutionsMr. Tom Hagen

Recently Bill Bozeman sat down with Tom Hagen and Tim Ferrian from Pro-Tec. Below you'll find their discussion about their company, the verticals they cover as well as the future of Pro-TEC.

Bill Bozeman: Please tell us about Pro-Tec Design.

Tom Hagen: Pro-Tec has been in business since 1982, we have 34 employees. Most of our business is done in Minnesota and surrounding states. A number of our accounts are national in scope. Through our partnership and affiliations with other PSA network members we have been able to provide them with instillation and service nationally. We offer a real advantage to them in comparison to working with a "national" distributor.

Bill Bozeman: Other than distribution and hospitality, are there other verticals where Pro-Tec is comfortable?

Tim Ferrian: We do quite a bit of work with healthcare, state, local and city government and also education, those tend to be our biggest markets. That's actually changed over the years, as it's progressed we've learned that each of these markets deserves a different level of expertise rather than have a generalist that tries to know a little bit about everything. We've organized the sales force so that there are specific vertical market specialists that can get down into those specific needs for those particular markets.

Bill Bozeman: Tim, you are the Director of Sales and Marketing for Pro-Tec Design?

Tim Ferrian: That's correct, in total there's 8 of us that work with customers on the selling side.

Bill Bozeman: Pro-Tec uses other PSA members for regional and national projects. Do you do this on a regular basis?

Tom Hagen: In years gone by we've really stayed away from that because we didn't know how to deliver and the last thing we wanted to do was engage with a prospect or a client that we weren't confident we could really meet their expectations. We got involved with PSA about 5 years ago, and one of the tremendous benefits is that we found other companies that operate and share values and a mission and a vision that's very similar to ours. There's nothing better than working with a rural run systems integrator and services company because when they are locally owned they're committed, they can't afford to make a mistake and have to do what it takes to do it right.

Bill Bozeman: Tell us about Pro'Tec's mission, vision and values, and how do they impact your day-to-day activities?

Tim Ferrian: For me specifically as the director of Sales and Marketing we're looking to add to our group all of the time. I tend to look for people that are on the leading edge of technology, it tends to be a little bit of a younger crowd because I've noticed that the landscape of our end users customers is also changing with the introduction of IT technology and how the decisions are being changed from what use to be the security directors making these decisions to more of the IT group. We're finding that we're having more success when the sales group is a little bit younger and is communicating to those younger IT people. The best thing about Pro-Tec stems from our mission, vision and values. Especially our values, which are really just great rules or characteristics that I think everybody should live by, be it your work life or personal life. We talk about those things openly during the recruiting process and let them know that because of those values this is really a place where good people are allowed and encouraged to do good things and build a career, a career that could be 20 and 30 years long.

Bill Bozeman: What is one thing you'd like to say about Pro-Tec design?

Tom Hagen: My message would be this, "A good system architecture provides a roadmap for the portion of the road yet to be built." We think that is really important. We think that anything we design or propose for a customer should have a long view in mind. Anything that we do that adds on to an existing system, we should do it in a way that would maximize the investment they've already made and be a stepping stone towards the end result that they want to get to.

Bill Bozeman: If you are interested in more information about Pro-Tec Design's website, please visit: www.Pro-TecDesign.com

PSA Security Network's Business Solutions, a suite of value-added products, services and programs, help security professionals be more competitive in the marketplace. All of PSA's trusted providers of Business Solutions will be at PSA-TEC , exhibiting on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013. PSA Security Network's President and CEO, Bill Bozeman, discusses our Business Solutions individually. This month we'll be focusing on Security America Risk Retention Group.

SecurityStockWatch.com: What is Security America's main focus?

Bill Bozeman: Security America's main focus is protecting security integrators from harm brought on by on the job mistakes, which could lead to lawsuits and possible devastation to you and your company. Security America is licensed in all fifty states and offers general liability, including errors and omissions insurance. Each plan is built to suit your company's specific needs. In the chance that you find yourself in the midst of a lawsuit with a customer, an alarm monitoring company, or a contractor completing your install, Security America protects the assets you've worked hard to obtain.

SecurityStockWatch.com: What types of services are included with Security America?

Bill Bozeman: Security America offers Commercial General Liability coverage tailored to accommodate the needs of the Electronic Life Safety, Security and Systems Industry through the Security America Risk Retention Group (RRG) program.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Why do I need General Liability coverage?

Bill Bozeman: In many states, this type of coverage is required to legally meet licensing requirements. Even when it's not a state requirement, it's a good idea. Security America is unique in that they fully understand the business and can ensure the appropriate protection. Integrators who are insured by companies who do not come from the security industry have experienced oversights or gaps in coverage.

SecurityStockWatch.com: How can Security America help companies better their business?

Bill Bozeman: Being found at fault for an installation mistake could cripple your company, your bottom line and your reputation as a whole. The risk retention professionals at Security America alleviate the worry that comes with the threat of lawsuit, allowing you to bring the focus back to your business. They are also willing to work with your local agents so you can maintain your long lasting relationship with your current broker. Each individual application is reviewed for the best possible pricing, so it is beneficial to at least allow Security America the opportunity to put together a quote for you.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Where do I go to find more information or to start using Business Solutions?

Bill Bozeman: Contact PSA, and we can help you get started. Visit www.buyPSA.com/Solutions, call 303-450-3461, or email Solutions@PSASecurity.com.

PSA Security Network's Business Solutions is a suite of value-added products, services and programs that help security professionals be more competitive in the marketplace. Each month, PSA President and CEO Bill Bozeman discusses a Business Solution in detail. This month we'll be focusing on Security Dealer Marketing.

Q: What is Security Dealer Marketing's main focus?

Bill Bozeman: Security Dealer Marketing (SDM) focuses on creating brand awareness for and educating dealers and manufacturers on how marketing tools work, from collateral production to strategy deployment, to generate more recurring monthly revenue. They focus on generating results and creating services that work specifically for the security community.

Q: What types of managed services are included with Security Dealer Marketing?

Bill Bozeman: They can help with any marketing questions or needs, from traditional design/print services to targeted online campaigns to comprehensive marketing strategy overhaul or development. Security Dealer Marketing works with many types of semi-custom website development packages, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google Analytics services. They also offer marketing support for point of sale materials, logo design or redesign, email marketing, social media campaigns and press releases.

Q: How can Security Dealer Marketing help companies better their business?

Bill Bozeman: Security Dealer Marketing can handle the logistics and details of your marketing programs, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. With years of expertise in security marketing, they eliminate the guess work. SDM has spent the last 15 years working with numerous large domestic brands, and they will that experience and use it to guide your company to get greater return on investment. They work with a number of PSA integrators and partners and we've been pleased with the partnership, service and results.

Q: Where do I go to find more information or to start using Business Solutions?

Bill Bozeman: To learn more about Security Dealer Marketing or any of the PSA Business Solutions programs, schedule a webinar demonstration, or get signed up, simply visit www.buyPSA.com/Solutions, call 303-450-3477, or email Solutions@PSASecurity.com. For the most up-to-date information on this event, visit www.psaTEC.com.

PSA Security Network's Business Solutions is a suite of value-added products, services and programs that help security professionals be more competitive in the marketplace. In the coming months, PSA President and CEO Bill Bozeman will discuss a Business Solution in detail. By sharing these offerings Security Integrators, Manufacturers and even End-Users can learn ways to make their businesses more competitive. This month the focus falls on Integrator Support, LLC.

Q: What is Integrator Support's main focus?

Bill Bozeman: Integrator support's main focus is providing its clients with the latest security solutions at competitive prices, supported by highly-trained systems integrators and operators. With the latest security technology, Professional Security Management Solutions reduce costs and more effectively protect people and property from harm. Integrator Support comprises security experts that are qualified to handle security-related incidents, reporting and system management, which allows clients to focus on their core business.

For security systems integrators, the advantages of becoming an Integrator Support Dealer include: continuous contact with customers for a strong, service-based relationship; the ability to differentiate from the competition by offering new, cutting-edge services; a complete dealer program for promoting the solutions, training staff and packaging equipment; and finally, the associated recurring monthly revenue.

Q: What types of managed services are included with Integrator Support?

Bill Bozeman: Integrator Support's Professional Security Management Solutions include: Professional Video Monitoring (by which alarms are managed in real time and the premises are monitored through surveillance video, making early detection and quick response a reality), and Cloud Access Control, as well as Mobile Video Monitoring, (which offer an online portal for system management, reporting and monitoring and virtualizes resources, location and connectivity, saving customers valuable time and overhead).

Q: How can Integrator Support help companies better their business?

Bill Bozeman: With PSA partner, Integrator Support LLC, programs and services you can build a company that increases in value and becomes a desirable acquisition target. PSA Education offers a variety of training programs on RMR generation as well as on the services and technologies that drives it. Integrator Support LLC delivers fast, portable, mobile, user friendly, effective, and easily managed solutions in a format that provides important data, quickly.

Q: Where do I go to find more information or to start using Business Solutions?

Bill Bozeman: To learn more about Integrator Support or any of the PSA Business Solutions programs, schedule a webinar demonstration, or to get signed up, simply visit www.buyPSA.com/Solutions, call 303-450-3477, or email Solutions@PSASecurity.com. For the most up-to-date information on this event, visit www.psaTEC.com.

PSA Security Network’s Business Solutions is a suite of value-added products, services and programs that help security professionals be more competitive in the marketplace. In the coming months, PSA President and CEO Bill Bozeman will discuss a Business Solution in detail. By sharing these offerings Security Integrators, Manufacturers and even End-Users can learn ways to make their businesses more competitive. This month we’ll be focusing on Project Financing with Susquehanna Bank.

Q: Why should security professionals use Susquehanna Bank for project financing?

Bill Bozeman: Successful security integrators are looking for ways to increase repeat sales, foster ongoing relationships, and offer their customers a way to finance larger projects without breaking the bank. Project financing addresses all of these problems and will finance projects that other banks won’t at a rate that works for security integrators. PSA works closely with Susquehanna to help them understand the industry’s needs. Project Financing provides a financing solution that funds both hard and soft costs, helps PSA integrators close more, larger projects while maintain an ongoing conversation with customers, and helps protect margins and profitability.

Q: What are the key benefits to integrators and end-users?

Bill Bozeman: For integrators, the value of the funding is in competitive rates, bundle service options, quick and easy credit approval and documentation, customer protection from competition, and same day and Pre-funding. For end-users, competitive rates, quick and easy credit approvals and documentation, early payoff options and no upfront cash outlay arrangements are just some of the benefits.

Q: Where do I go to find more information or to start using Business Solutions?

Bill Bozeman: To learn more about Project Financing or any of the PSA Business Solutions programs, schedule a webinar demonstration, or to get signed up, simply visit www.buyPSA.com/Solutions , call 303-450-3477, or email Solutions@PSASecurity.com. For the most up-to-date information on this event, http://www.psaTEC.com .

Updated July 2012
Guest Blog- PSA Business Solutions

PSA Security Network recently announced PSA Business Solutions, a suite of value-added products, services and programs to help security professionals be more competitive in the marketplace.

Q: What are PSA Business Solutions?

A: Business Solutions are programs that security professionals can implement for themselves or for their companies and staff to save money on operating costs, increase efficiencies, or just make day-to-day life a little easier. All of the programs are easily implemented and have expert contacts to help through the process of implementation.

Q: Why did PSA Security Network create the Business Solutions program?

A: Because PSA wants to be a partner in the security industry. We provide tools, resources, and information that help our owners and customers with all areas of their lives and business. We are a true cooperative, and in the spirit of helping people, we continue to seek new ways to add value. We're not just a distributor of equipment, although we continue to do that, and do it well.

Q: What types of resources are available through Business Solutions?

A: Business Solutions offers resources for everything; including discounted business supplies and equipment; business management, proposal and estimation software; equipment financing tools; website search and database applications; legal assistance programs and tools; remote guarding and remotely managed access control; market research and consultancy; and staff recruitment, hiring and compensation program assistance.

Q: What's in it for me?

A: Cost savings on day-to-day expenses, enhanced personal and team performance, increased cash flow, optimized business processes, and more-and bigger-projects, to name just a few.

Q: What will Business Solutions cost me?

A: Each solution offers different terms and is customized for your business needs.

Q: Do I have to take advantage of ALL offerings to take advantage of ANY of them?

A: No-each Business Solution is built as a stand-alone offering. However, you could take advantage of more than one, or the entire suite if you wish, and several of these services work very nicely together depending on your business objectives and needs.

Q: Where do I go to find more information or to start using Business Solutions?

A: Visit www.buyPSA.com/Solutions, call 303-450-3477, or email mailto:Solutions@PSASecurity.com.

PSA Security Network is proud to announce the recent launch of a new service for owners and customers, the PSA Leadership Institute. Bill Bozeman, President and CEO, PSA Security Network, answered the top questions about this program offering:

SecurityStockWatch.com: What is PSA Leadership Institute?

Bill Bozeman: PSA Leadership Institute is a resource; a collection of videos, webinars, books, articles, and activities designed to improve leadership skills. Consider it a leadership toolbox. All offerings are pre-screened for quality and packaged to guide users in the quest to become a better leader, to enhance professional, team and company performance and positively impact personal relationships.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Why did PSA Security Network create this resource?

Bill Bozeman: PSA understands that good leadership skills are essential at every level of every organization. We are all experiencing increased pressure to deliver results with diminishing resources. We also understand that there are challenges for the busy security professional, such as determining where to begin, what materials are the best, how to stay on track, and how to find the time to pursue better leadership skills. Since PSA truly wants to be a partner in the security industry-to offer resources our industry needs, in a format that is easy to use-offering leadership resources is a natural fit. The materials we share are high-quality, are applicable to everyone, and we package them in digestible segments for the security professional to work into their busy day-to-day schedule.

SecurityStockWatch.com: What types of content can be accessed through PSA Leadership Institute?

Bill Bozeman: Just one example of the programming offered is the "Becoming a Person of Influence" webinar series. This is a 3 session package-each webinar is about 30 minutes -and it includes a free copy of John C. Maxwell's book, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership" and free downloadable access to the Becoming a Person of Influence Workbook, the resource used in the webinar series. The first two sessions are already recorded and ready for viewing. The third session will happen on January 18th, so anyone who wishes to catch up on the sessions prior to the final installment can visit the site at their convenience to do so. This webinar series is completely open to all security professionals at no cost. Opting in to receive consistent PSA Leadership Institute information is also completely free.

SecurityStockWatch.com: How can I opt-in?

Bill Bozeman: Visit buyPSA.com and click the opt-in button to sign up today, to ensure receipt of the latest resources, tips and information, as well as invitations to programs and educational opportunities.